We believe in the power of great & innovative ideas and we are not afraid of introducing them to the market. When started almost 13 years ago with an idea of selling dynamic packages to Poland, no one believed we would make any sales. Now Escape2Poland sells flexible holidays to over 60 000 travellers a year. A few years later we built an unique START Parking online system that joined all the Tour Operators, High Street Travel Agencies, Airports, Online Travel Agencies, Travel Booking Systems, Airlines, Airport Parkings & Travellers into one huge eco-System. At first no one saw the “big picture” and this year we will serve over 350 000 travellers.
Our motto, determination and faith, we can change the World 😉 led us to SUCCESS.

“We believe in the power of great & innovative ideas and we’re not afraid of introducing them to the market.”

– Piotr Macierzynski CEO of ECOM Media LTD

We currently employ more than 80 people across Poland, with 30 people in our HQ. Working in a small group helps to create a friendly and valuable atmosphere. Quickly you will get to know all team members and your commitment and hard work are sure to be noticed and rewarded. A small group also allows us to be more flexible and to allocate responsibilities better between employees. Therefore, if we see your potential in other areas than your basic obligations, it will match your interests. If, however, appears to you the possibility of promotion, always in the first place we will conduct internal recruitment to appreciate your commitment to the job.

Our team

We currently employ more than 80 people throughout the country and there are 30 people working at our HQ in Warsaw. The team includes both experienced professionals and young enthusiasts of innovative business solutions, for whom the word "impossible" is a challenge, not a barrier. Thanks to diversity, creativity, knowledge and skills of each team member we create advanced tools and products to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.